Did not go to College, David was earning a living as a tractor driver and wood cutter to support his family.

In November 1966,  He saw a great opportunity in Bestline and went to work at it — hard..  He became a Bestline Distributor in 1966 by purchasing $121.16 of soap products.   That meeting and his decision to start doing something different, even when people laughed at him, changed his life forever. He worked with Jim Rohn and William Bailey.

Received my very first check from working as a Distributor for Bestline.

David firmly believes that if you have the desire for something, you can do whatever you want. You just have to get at it!

David left Bestine in 1982 where his sales group had achieved sales as high as $60 Million per month. Because of the high level of competition in Bestline, someone spread negative news about him to mislead people who believed in him and take the people out of his team. Dave just doing his job to help people and never into any competition with other leaders, he decided to just build his own company.

Over 9000 seminars all around the globe:

David travelled the world to give training classes and help thousands of people to achieve success in their own businesses. David started three international companies including Performance in Argentina, Prestige in Chile and Highest in both Peru and Uruguay.  He then took Performance to Europe in Italy and to Canada in North America.

David achieved the BIG SUCCESS of his life. Fascinated with antique cars, he bought a total of 54 antique cars.

Privileged to take the CONCORDE AIRPLANE.. These are photos in LONDON, where they gave David recognitions for the training classes and business opportunities that changed their lives.

David had a VIP CLUB exclusively for the members of his company giving incentives and rewards for their hard works. This includes the privilege to access David’s huge yacht, a big ranch, vacation resort, and a lot more.

David sold his companies in 1996 when he decided to return to United States in Northern California to take care of his parents who were aged and in poor health.

Me and my wife Claudia in our country house in Argentina

Dave Soto – The Best One Yet!

Not being comfortable retired, Dave at age 81 decided to leave the comfort of his retirement and went on, to help build the most outstanding company he saw in decades with world class ownership, outstanding leadership and great products….. exactly what is needed for success.

One more run around the world developing New Leaders and helping people reach their Goals and make their dreams possible!